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Premium pollen substitute


Pollen substitute based on natural pollen

MybeeFeed is a new generation pollen substitute formulated on the composition of natural pollen, with similar nutritional values. Its high protein content significantly increases the brood area. Due to its balanced amino acid, vitamin, and mineral composition, it increases the health and longevity of bees, helping them survive through periods of poor nutrition.

Mybee Feed Dry

Developed according to the needs of bees

 In the development of Mybeefeed, we paid particular attention to selecting easily digestible and absorbable ingredients as these qualities are essential for proper utilization by bees. This was supported by both field and laboratory tests. During the manufacturing process, it was a significant consideration to use only non-GMO ingredients and Mybeefeed does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Developed on the model of pollen

Similar to the nutritional values of natural pollen, Mybee Feed contains proteins, vitamins and minerals essential for bee's healthy development.

Effectiveness proven by tests

The positive effect of Mybeefeed on bees is proven by both independent and our own laboratory and field trials.

Concentrated bee feed, extraordinary effect

Thanks to its unique composition, Mybeefeed significantly increases the brood area, the lifespan and body weight of honeybees, as well as increasing the production of royal jelly.

Made from non-GMO ingredients

We only use high-quality ingredients that are GMO-free. In addition, Mybeefeed does not contain any animal derived products.

Optimal amino acid composition

Thanks to the optimal ratio of essential amino acids, Mybeefeed provides honeybees with nutritious, quickly absorbed, well-utilized proteins.


Our motto, which has been our creed since the beginning, is „Healthy bees, healthy honey.” Through many years of international beekeeping experience and research, we have observed that even in areas with excellent beekeeping conditions, the changing environment and extreme weather conditions can cause a shortage of pollen, which prevents bee colonies from reaching their full potential. Our observations were supported by numerous feedback from beekeepers who reported that periodic pollen shortages significantly reduce the productivity of bee colonies and cause serious bee health problems. Therefore, there was a demand for a feed that can help bees overcome these difficult periods.

So the idea was simple: create a bee feed with nutritional values similar to pollen, and whose impact on bees is confirmed by laboratory tests and field studies. Our experts, working together with beekeepers, developed the Mybee Feed, a new generation bee feed that quickly reduces the stress caused by pollen shortages. Check out our research results:


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Mybee Feed is a new generation pollen substitute that has similar nutritional values to pollen due to its special composition. Its high protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral content, as well as its optimal amino acid composition, quickly reduces the negative effects of stress caused by pollen deficiency. It increases the vitality and lifespan of bees, the brood rearing, the body weight and fat body weight of bees, and the production of royal jelly. The positive effects of the product on bees have been confirmed by laboratory and field tests. The product is made from non-GMO ingredients and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Mybee Feed Dry
Mybee Feed Dry

Mybee Feed Dry

52 % protein

Mybee Feed Dry is a powdered pollen substitute that has nutritional values similar to pollen thanks to its unique composition. Its high protein (52%), fat, vitamin, and mineral content, as well as its optimal amino acid composition, quickly reduces nutrient deficiencies during periods of low pollen availability. It increases the vitality and lifespan of bees, brood production, the body weight of bees, the mass of their fat bodies, and royal jelly production.
Mybee Vitamix

Mybee Vitamix


Mybee Vitamix is a liquid, combined multivitamin product developed for bees.

By using it, we can provide our bees with the essential vitamin supplementation for their proper development. Due to its composition, it reduces the negative effects of stress caused by vitamin-deficient sugar feeding, increasing the bees’ viability and lifespan.

Mybee Feed Patty

15,6 % protein

Mybee Feed Patty has all the benefits of Mybee Feed Dry. As a pre-made patty, it provides easy use for beekeepers. Thanks to its high Mybee Feed Dry content (30%), it has excellent protein, fat, and vitamin content, thus providing the necessary nutrient supplementation.
Mybee Feed Dry – AquaMix

Mybee Feed Dry – AquaMix

Mybee Feed Dry – AquaMix is an easy-to-use, quick and simple solution for feeding our bees. Just add water and you have a patty with the effect of Mybee Feed Dry. Thanks to its special composition, it keeps its consistency for a long time and does not dry out even after mixing.
Mybee Pro - AquaMix

Mybee Pro -

Mybee Pro – AquaMix contains large amounts of proteins (12%) and amino acids from different sources, which are essential for bees and brood. The patty, which can be prepared by adding water, helps the healthy development of bees, absorption of nutrients, the regeneration after diseases, and increases the brood area.

Mybee Yeast - AquaMix

Mybee Yeast - AquaMix

Mybee Yeast AquaMix is a combination of traditional brewer’s yeast feeding with modern methods. By simply adding water, we get a patty with high protein and B vitamin content brewer’s yeast, and vitamin C, which helps the development of bees, as well as amino acids and minerals that support the functioning of the bees immune system and regeneration after diseases. Its special sugar composition provides the bees with the necessary energy.

Suggested use

Recommended mixing ratio to make 1 kg of patty (4 pieces):

300g Mybee Feed Dry
270g icing sugar
430g sugar syrup (High-fructose corn syrup, inverted sugar syrup)
Mix the ingredients completely (after mixing, the patties will solidify)
– Form into patties and place in beehives

 As Mybee Feed Dry is a concentrated bee feed with similar nutritional values to pollen, it is used according to the pollen requirements of the colonies. Recommended use: 150 g patty in early spring and for small colonies; 250 g patty in late spring, summer and autumn.

The amount consumed may vary according to the development of the colonies and the requirements of the bees.

To determine the feed requirements of colonies, always carry out a test feeding and then replenish the patties as they are consumed. After mixing, use the patties as soon as possible. When using the product, follow the necessary health and safety instructions. 


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K3
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6 
  • Vitamin B12
  • D-Panthenol 
  • Niacinamid 
  • Biotin 
  • Choline chloride
  • Beta-carotene
  • Citric acid


Let's look deeper!

During the development of our bee feed, the main focus was to create a product that has the nutritional values of pollen and achieves similar results to consuming pollen. Therefore, in all of our research, we compared the effects of our feed on bees to that of pollen, rather than just to other bee feeds available on the market.

In our studies, particular attention has been paid to ensuring that the effects on bees can be verified both by our own and independent studies and laboratory tests. We have looked at the life of bees from a perspective that gives us a deeper insight into the long-term positive changes that can be achieved in our colonies and in the development of individual bees through proper feeding.

Increased brood area

We achieved a significantly larger brood rearing with the My Bee Feed fed bee colonies, which performed better than the pollen-consuming colonies during the examined period. Its high protein, vitamin, and mineral content increases the performance of nurse bees and provides them with the nutrients necessary for rearing brood.

Well-fed, healthy bees

The significant increase in body weight proves the good nutrition of bees, which is particularly important for overwintering and building up winter reserves. In addition to body weight measurement, examining the muscle weight of bees can also be an important factor. A significant portion of the bee’s muscles is located in the thorax, where the wings and legs attach, responsible for movement and flight. Due to the optimal amino acid composition, bees fed with Mybee Feed achieved significant muscle growth when transitioning to the foraging age, ensuring their ability to fly and collect nectar for longer periods. When measuring both body and thorax weight, our feed resulted in values exceeding those of pollen.  

The hypopharyngeal glands are well developed in properly nourished bees (left) in contrast to the malnourished bees (right).

Outstanding Royal Jelly Production

The proper functioning of the hypopharyngeal glands is essential for the production of royal jelly, which is an important source of nutrition for developing bees. Our feed was specifically developed to support the health and function of the hypopharyngeal glands, which promotes the production of royal jelly and the maintenance of healthy nurse bees and strong colonies. But how did we measure royal jelly production? Since the hypopharyngeal glands are located in the head of the bees and royal jelly is produced here, the weight of the nurse bees’ heads is an excellent indicator of the gland’s development. Therefore, during the Mybee Feed experiment, we measured the head weight of the bees involved in the study and also examined the state of their hypopharyngeal glands microscopically, thereby demonstrating its effectiveness.

Long life, increased production

One of the most important study among our research was perhaps the examination of the lifespan of bees fed with different diets. A bee colony composed of longer-living bees can take care of more broods and provide a higher honey yield, as the bees are capable of participating in the work of the colony for more generations. During our experiments, we examined the lifespan of bees in closed conditions, and as the figure shows, we can see that Mybee Feed significantly extended the life of bees, similar to pollen.


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